Crystal Balls 

This just out from Resolution; What this might mean for legal aid firms?? In the short term, all those firms with family and social welfare contracts will have them extended, presumably with a pro-rata allocation of new matter starts. We understand that the LSC could extend the existing contracts for a total of five years […]

A Question 

We are receiving loads of requests for training on the New Family Fee Structure and have even begun dealing with this in-house. Sensibly we did not book any number of Conference venues only to have to cancel at the last minute as the 2010 Civil Contract saga rages. Our alternative plan was to manage this […]

On the One Hand.. 

We interviewed for a Graduate Trainee last week in what turned out to be both heartening and depressing in equal measure. We shortlisted from over 60 applications and could probably have interviewed over half. I would gladly have employed any one of the five we finally saw and we have a candidate who will be […]