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We are receiving loads of requests for training on the New Family Fee Structure and have even begun dealing with this in-house.
Sensibly we did not book any number of Conference venues only to have to cancel at the last minute as the 2010 Civil Contract saga rages. Our alternative plan was to manage this via the increasingly popular Friday Webinar. We have also been holding off doing this until we have a confirmed start date for 2 reasons;
1 We don’t want to take peoples money to train for a scheme which may never happen
2 We don’t want to do it too far in advance of implementation so as the learning remains fresh and relevant.
You lot do not seem to be as concerned as we are about either of these factors. So please let us know do you want us to go ahead with our 2 proposed courses?

The New 2010 Contract – and
The New Family Fee Scheme

Let us know and we will do these on 15th and 22rd October respectively.

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