No Spaces

I can’t remember the first time I heard the phrase “hot desking” but it struck me as another of those daft phrases, which occur from time to time, and normally say more about the person using them than anything else. Essentially it means saving on office space by sharing desks.
Despite having moved into a new office, to gain extra space, we are however in an “ongoing hot desking workplace scenario” at JRS this morning. All permanent M’Boro desk occupants are in; Jayne at bomber command, 2 times costsdrafts persons (Kay and Graham) and Helen, who now occupies the space where our post and distribution department used to be.
With Dean and Andy in, again, to tidy up some of the Lexcel documentation I am shortly being “cold desked” out to my house (where JRS began) earlier than usual to prepare for today’s webinar. This is no bad thing as I left some important files there earlier on.
Collapsable bunk desks is an idea we are taking to the Dragons Den.

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