Investment Opportunity 

Interested in investing in providing a new service which will be going out of scope of LA shortly. Here is your chance.

A Reminder 

It seems like a sensible point at which to re-draw peoples attention to our Court Duty Solicitor recording form. Well worth using we think.

White Winter Hymnal 

Another Friday song slipping into a Monday. This seems appropriate and I was listening to the album at the weekend;

Weather Warning 

Back from a London visit and back to snow. The latter is the least of our worries with, FS, FR and PR issues creating a blizzard of their very own. The myriad of responses firms are receiving from the Commission around the UK suggests to me that central control and guidance is weak and that […]

Every Breath You Take 

As discussed in the comments below I ran out of time to do a Friday song last week. Now we don’t usually do requests (or Monday songs) however for reasons explained in the same thread, and where this was suggested, here is the ever-irritating Sting with a version closer to how we do it;

By Popular Demand 

To be fair it is more by “unpopular demand”. But that said just about everyone is having some hassle regarding Financial Stewardship – as attested too by the piles of files in my office. So this Friday’s webinar is a repeat of our course on the subject and how to come out of it with […]

Leaner and More Efficient 

For years we have offered a free telephone advice service. This is not entirely altruistic and certainly has some marketing value. More importantly though it helps keep us alive to the day-to-day concerns of the profession. In recent times more and more people have begun to search for advice by e-mail. These are much harder […]

Engaged (and not Royally) 

Head in the LA Reform consultation, course to write, slight relaxation in appeal deadlines (a couple reached yesterday). We did get a sensible and timely response from someone at the LSC yesterday – credit where it is due. (As I am writing this I got the promised follow up on the same issue so double […]

Cash Back? 

Did you suffer financial loss as a result of the Family bid fiasco? Perhaps even consultants fees! TLS are trying to co-ordinate this and Friend Of This Site, Rodney Warren, would like to hear from you if you intend, or would like to get a refund. If you drop us a line we will forward […]

Last One Out….. 

You can download the Legal Aid “reform” consultation, all 200+ pages, here (the file is too large to upload directly to this site). I hope to escape from the great pile of Financial Stewardship files later today and give it the once over – with the intention of providing an outline of proposals at this […]