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Back from a London visit and back to snow. The latter is the least of our worries with, FS, FR and PR issues creating a blizzard of their very own.
The myriad of responses firms are receiving from the Commission around the UK suggests to me that central control and guidance is weak and that inconsistency is rife. (To prove the point a completely crackers letter from the LSC to a client has been faxed whilst I was typing this post). The fact that they are trying to hold down the lid on appeals also means that there is still no developing case-law to which we can refer.
I have bee trying since Autumn 2007 to get the “second meeting” issue before Cost Appeal Committee and now have a Point of Principle on the topic outstanding. We submitted it in August and it went for consideration in October and whilst I understand that the Legal Director has had a difficult time of it of late I can see no reason (well I can) why this was not immediately just referred for a hearing.
Do not hold your breath on this one.

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