Snow Patrol 

Have just been outside and it is not looking good again, on Teesside. Kay is staying on the Moors and not even trying to get in and Andy is having a nightmare on the M1 – his own fault should not have gone. We are shutting up shop early – have a good one. We […]

Just Like Christmas 

Second best Xmas song ever, by little known Low, (sorry there is not a proper video). And here covered by Snow Patrol. If you would prefer a more traditional carol… I caught a BBC Folk at Christmas programme by chance (and was able to watch as Mrs SP was out of the room). I particularly […]

Sick Note 

It has been quiet here as I have been off ill for the last 2 days. Mind you the weather seems to have made quietened the world of Legal Aid down too.

What He Wrote 

I bought 6 of the NME top 75 albums of the year – which is probably as it should be. By the same token I think I understand why “The Sea” by Corrine Bailey Rae doesn’t make the list at all – despite probably being the best album of the year. The six artists are, […]

Say Something, Anything 

My primary role in JRS, aside from the training, blogging and obvious position as a leader of unimpeachable moral authority, is to deal with the myriad of appeals on which we are instructed. Any casual reader will be aware that at present the bulk of these relate to Financial Stewardship, supplemented by the occasion Peer […]

To Crown It All 

Call me egocentric but I am sure that the Commission have started down a new course of action just a the moment simply to torture JRS at a busy period. SO with all the recently mentioned stuff going on, CDS Financial Stewardship around the corner and us about to market Lexcel services the “Litigators Fee […]

On and On 

More of the same here – though I did get out to Yorkshire yesterday albeit to talk about Financial Stewardship again. The recent run of Peer Review activity continues, this time with another appeal. Head stuck in files again.

I’m A Cuckoo 

I know I have put them up here a lot this year but Sunday night at the Sage was (marginally) my gig of the year – only Stornoway and Corrine BR came close mind. Why? 1. I love them 2. They were not arsey and played all the favourites (never really had greatest hits) as […]

Bottled, Outsourced 

As we have reported previously SQM auditing is to be outsourced from next year. Here is the latest explanation of the process from the Commission. Bear 2 things in mind; 1 Lexcel is an equivalent standard now and brings some additional practical benefits too especially regarding PII applications and premiums 2 If you want to […]

Important Deadline 

Sorry to post this so late in the day but tomorrow, 10th December, is the closing day for your last ever CDS File Review claim. You can include those from October 2009 to July 2010 at the rates of