VATs Not Very Nice 

We have talked over the issues surrounding the reconciliation of contracts, and the “protocol” for this negotiated between the LSC and TLS some time ago. In the above link we raise the issue of the difficulty and time required to achieve an upward revision of SMP. Friend of this site, and CLSA Director, Rodney Warren […]

Ain’t No Sunshine 

First live performance of the year tonight (held over from December snow). This is in set.

The Cuts Wont Work 

I do not disagree with anyone quoted in this article. The problem is, however, the presupposition that likely consequences, let along the unforeseen ones, have an impact upon Legal Aid policy making. Jenny Beck has more eloquently described what I have “jokingly” prophesied – Fathers for Justice becoming ever-present Makenzie friends in the Family Courts.

New Year Exercise Resolution 

There is clearly a standing Committee at the LSC “tasked”, as they so often are, with finding new ways of recouping payments made to the profession. It seems that not a day goes by without a new “exercise” being launched. Earlier in the week it was CDSCRE today it is CLDVE. They do a round […]


I think I previously described how 3 successful Peer Review appellants all, within a day or so, had a request for a further sample of files for review. The good news is that 2 of the 3 have so far passed (again!!) although I had both closer to Cat 2 than the Cat 3 they […]

Court Duty Solicitor Claims Review Exercise 

Or CDSCRE as it will doubtless become known. Letters are starting to drop asking for your records of Court Duty sessions undertaken in 2010. These will also be subject to scrutiny by the NAO. The once again use the E word (extrapolation) however it is not clear what the methodology for this will be – […]

We Fear Change 

We have been running this blog Since July 2005 and are just about to do a bit of a techie update. Alongside this we are, after much cajoling, going to have a pop at “social media” via Twitter and Facebook. So watch out for a few changes here in the next couple of weeks.

Down By The Water 

This is the first single off “The King is Dead” – and sees the Decemberists back to their more traditional pitch – after “Hazards of Love”. This features another favourite Gillian Welsh (here singing Miss Ohio). It has an REMish feel to me, but nothing bad about that. For those wondering what Graham – out […]

Litigators Fee News 

Are you one of the growing number of firms facing the recovery of an “overpayment” of a Crown Court Litigators Fee(s)? If so this may be of interest to you. Do ring for a chat if you are in the process of preparing an appeal.

Would That be Deja Vu Again? 

Have my head in CCLF recoupment appeals – and the associated files. Yet again this has the feel of a classic LSC event! Ill-conceived new fee scheme, badly designed with totally inadequate guidance, significant unforeseen operational problems, financial pressures culminating in them attempting to recoup their own, previously made, assessments Chance of success on appeal […]