Lotus Flower 

Out of nowhere a new Radiohead album – which you can download from today. I will wait for the hard copy this time unlike In Rainbows. This is a first listen for me too!

Not The DVLA 

I am talking about it on the Webi this lunchtime but we are starting to see a steady flow of CLDVA reports in the office. Yes another new acronym this time – “Crime Lower Data Validation Exercise”. The costs at question seem on a large number of cases (VAT on disbursements) to be way under […]

Technical Error 

For the first time in 6 years we have had some technical difficulty posting here this week – another good reason to start following us on Twitter as well!! This is not helped by the fact that our techies have moved to the Land of Oz and we consequently have a 12-hour delay on these […]