Pregnant Pause 

We are 9-months into an FS/RMA exercise. It is one of the ones we have contested most fiercely and involves every conceivable angle of attack. We now have the agenda for the ICA and of the original sample, on which the RM made “findings” only one remains. On another of the originals the PA team […]

Breaking News 

Fantastic news regarding the rash of CCLF “overpayment” appeals currently underway following another LSC recoupment exercise. This is due, in no small way, to the assistance of friend of this site Mr Rodney Warren. It is a bit too convoluted to go into in detail here and different firms circumstances will dictate different approaches. If […]

Webi Tomorrow 

Which will cover, in detail, the contentious points in the Family Financial Stewardship process. If nothing else this will be a good refresher or an introduction session for fee earners and those involved in the reporting of files, alike. Places still available.

We Repeat 

We mentioned the SQMDP telesales campaign yesterday – trying to book in SQM audits before September. The lasts enquiry was again one, to us, regarding deadlines – they had formed a firm view that the HAD to have an audit before August. Again, we are not suggesting that this is what SQMDP are saying, or […]