The fog is lifting outside JRS HQ in much the same way that it does when firms move out of the “relationship Manager Assurance” process and into formal appeal of “Provider Assurance” assessments. Rather that the “what happens next?”, “will this ever end”, makeitupaswegoalongery of the former we have a reasonably well defined appeal process wit ICAs and ultimately PoPs. There are plenty of the former waiting to be written with 2 or 3 on the appeal which is being lodged to day alone.
As I said earlier in the week we have had a bit of an idea about a procedural challenge here too so if you are in the same boat as the clients we are working for today do give us a ring.
Only a few minutes after penning this we have experienced some more common sense and order from the PA team. At least theses “fights” seem to be becoming more fairly managed.

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