I Predict a Riot

Andy and I have had concurrent queries about the forthcoming changes to monthly CDS 6 reporting.
The intent is clearly to make “overclaiming” even easier to spot – the requirement for the DSCC ref no. for instance. The phone calls to us came following “helpful” letters, to firms from RMs, pointing out claims which will be rejected under the new scheme. The examples investigated to date were perfectly legitimate claims, but with the same UFN. Even taking extra care with your next few monthly reports might not be enough to prevent problems we suspect.

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  • Post charge police station attendances seem to be the main area of confusion that we’ve come across regarding this. We have passed the relevant sections of the contract and CBAM on to our RM and hope to get some confirmation that their system will not see INVH/INVI claims as duplicates of INVC claims.

  • Yes we have come across that one – I do not revise my prediction!

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