On the Record 

A recording of last Friday’s Webinar Special is available for anyone who wants one.

Deadlines Ahoy 

Back at the tools after a typical Bank holiday, meteorologically. Writing appeals, costs and audit today, with a Peer Review sample arriving sometime later. Must get my head down.

Gil Scott-Heron 1949-2011 

It’s a Sin 

I am going to see the Pet Shop Boys on Monday (supported by Take That – and don’t ask!). This is follwed by PiL on Wednesday and Belle and Sebastian on Thursday. If you have a deadlined appeal with us next week, be very afraid.

Hush Your Mouth 

Another benefit of meeting training delegates, rather having them corralled, in silence, in a conference call, is that you get a greater insight into the daily lives of LA lawyers. Obviously this predominantly involves disgruntlement with the LSC, especially their current operational paralysis. As we have noted before this is, of course, your fault for […]


I have done face-to-face training 3 times this week and have the standard Friday webinar to do in just a short while. The former is a much more satisfying experience than the rather soulless and solitary internet alternative though, of course, loads more difficult to arrange and deliver. You delegates have the inconvenience of travel […]

Another Result, of sorts 

If you have had the (dubious) pleasure of hearing me on the new Family Fee Schemes recently you may recollect mention of an appeal we have been involved in, regarding disbursements and Contact. Briefly, a large experts fee, for a risk assessment in a Care case, was disallowed, in total, because a tiny element of […]

Middlesbrough Fashion Week 

Yes there is such a thing – and we did it first in the North East – before Newcastle stole the idea and all the media attention (as always). My contribution has been, entirely accidentally, to be suited and booted for 3 days running. Training, training, training. This is a bit like the old days […]

Best Legal Typo of the Week 

“He explained that he met her when she was a mermaid in his local pub”.


Short post – one of those periods of work where there are deadlines everywhere and I am out of the office training more than at any single time for ages. Builders at home, poorly dog, MOT for Mrs SP to sort (her car before you comment) and its a Bank Holiday weekend in which we […]