I Need A Dollar 

Have heard this a lot on my new afternoon radio favourite on 6 Music – and really like it. (This is not the radio edit though). It has a strong Gil Scott Heron feel to it whilst not being derivative, am off to Amazon to buy stuff as could find nothing in HMV yesterday – […]


JRS CDS We have been keeping quiet about our Costs Drafting Service for a while because we have been overwhelmed with work and turnaround times have not been what we want. We have been turning work away in fact. We are not quite yet ready to let down the drawbridge and we are also considering […]

More CLA 54 

I have posted the following comment to this Gazette coverage of the “second meeting” saga; We wrote this PoP application for North East clients. The correspondence to the firm contained the Committee minute and the text of CLA 54 but not the guidance, as published. We too feel that point 1 of the guidance – […]


The emergency theme has continued this morning with a batch of calls none of which have anything good about them. Pre Court, first thing in the day, angry lawyer phone conversations are not the way to start the day but are, unfortunately, the staple JRS breakfast.