“He’s fat, he’s round, he’s never at the ground 

It is a little know fact that in addition to my work here a JRS I am a successful football club owner (well shirt sponsor actually). My team, Guisborough Town Under 11s, took the JRS brand to promotion, as League Winners, last Thursday. Well done boys and Manager, Mr S McDonald.


Looking for somewhere to put your newly found MAAT code? The new, revised CDS 6 and CMRF Wizards are available from today. Email or call.


From this month CDS 6 returns require, as appropriate, the DSCC reference number and the MAAT code. The former is fairly simple the latter is a Means Assessment and Appeal Tool code contained either on the Rep Order or to other correspondence form the Court means assessment team – we discovered this on a notification […]

May (Fri)Days 

Here is this months webinar programme including, for the first time ever, an “advertising promotion” session which we are offering for FREE on the 27th May. 13th May New Family Fee Schemes The new Family Fee Schemes begin today and due to continued demand we are going to run this course for one final time. […]