Helplessness Blues 

I have just bought tickets to see these guys, in Gods Own City, in December. (It will be the second Portland, Oregon based band I’ve seen at this venue this year – is there a “Portland scene”?). This is the title track from, undoubtedly, the best album of the year to date.

LALY Not Enough 

Procurement round litigation continues. I really do not understand this element of the judgement; The claimant has only itself to blame for not taking the simple step of putting itself in a position of getting the additional point As with the successful Family JR there simply was not sufficient time to gain the necessary accreditation […]

Groundhog Days 

I had a day of pretty focussed appeal writing yesterday, punctuated with the usual variety of phone queries. The former are following a standard pattern at present; Annoyed client Conversation Ponder Write Amend, make more conciliatory (yes me) Agree final Draft Agree we are being reasonable Post to LSC Await rejection (which can take a […]