Risky Webinar Topic 

This weeks Webinar has a speculative topic – the Governments plans for the Future of Legal Aid. It is entirely based on the hope and/or expectation that the Justice Bill, or the consultation response, will be published this week. If this is the case we aim to provide the very first summary of the key […]

The Price of Everything 

AnonMike, in the comments below, posts a link to this summary of hourly rates for experts. These are guidance for LSC caseworkers on assessment and the consideration of prior authorities. Thought it mighty be better placed on the main part of the site. Thanks Mike.

Bridge Building 

Perhaps as a result of the recent “major suppliers” meetings the LSC are widening the scope of their communication with suppliers . A Grand Day Out?

More Felix? 

In a traditional, cross party, media strategy “Fat Cat” LS lawyers are back in the news.