Laugh or Cry? 

First read of the Consultation Response done. Not good. There is not space here to cover all my negative takes on the proposals. I did manager 2 smiles; Abolition of the LSC (yes I know we will get them back in a slightly changed guise but nonetheless….) Less form filling via the introduction of, wait […]

De Minimis 

We won 2 of 6 points on a line-by-line assessment yesterday, yes that means we lost 4 so overall it was not a result. As we have said previously the cost of such an appeal to an ICA is, we are reliably informed, £18. The final reduction to the firms bill was £16.40 i.e. an […]

Even More on CLA 54 

The (heretical) reinterpretation of the “second meeting” PoP continues. Today we have the confluence of two of our favourite LSC activities; “Makeitupaswegoalongery” coupled with “applied Muppetry” all in one e-mail. Is someone after a JRS award?


Some good news on Prison Law contract appeals – don’t want to jinx it so give me a ring for more information.

The Bill 

You can download the Consultation response and Justice Bill here. Nearly 300 pages of (grim) reading in an already busy couple of days. Will b e doing a summary and some commentary in the webinar on Friday. More later.