Both Graham and I represented JRS at the old mans recent visit to Middlesbrough Empire. He has lost a bit of his vocal strength but none of his stamina – he’d did a full 2-hour set which flew past. (They finished off with a live version of “Open Up”, his 1993 collaboration with LeftField which […]

Score Draw 

Won 2 files out of 4 in an ICA appeal notified to us yesterday. These involved the proper interpretation of CDS Contract 10.68 and CRIMLA 40, charges laid at same time, in the first instance and 10.69, stand alone breach proceedings, in the second. The LSC had applied a novel construction of these rules; a […]

Decision, Decisions 

Another helpful Cost Judge decision which in essence says to the LSC – don’t try and cut corners, don’t just rely on IT data, actually look at the files and apply common sense. HAT TIP Those good people at Crimeline