Too Soon? 

This is interesting.

Tonight Tonight 

It is the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year awards tonight. I can’t make it – too much going on to justify a trip to London. Good luck to all the nominees, but especially Rheian, Michael and Bryony, and we wish everyone great night. UPDATE Well done Rheian – full list of winners when available.

Life in the Fast Lane 

The Justice Bill is on the fast track. We are covering it again on the Friday webinar. Disagree with Linda Lee on one point though; ‘This is a government that is running scared of proper scrutiny and debate. They are fast tracking the bill through parliament to silence the public.’ They are indifferent to scrutiny, […]


Todays list; CRB CCLF appeals X 2 firms Standard Civil Cost Appeal FS & CCLF & CLDVE appeals combined FS self validation report IR & NAO appeal FS & PR PA audit outcome appeal Family VHCC appeal 2 Press Releases Why do I want to scream? PS Forgot to mention debt recovery. I know its […]