A 5 Webinar Month

1st July The Justice Bill
By request we are rerunning last weeks session on the Justice Bill for firms who were unable to attend. This is the JRS, Essential Guide to the proposed changes to the Elgai Aid scheme contained in the recently published Justice bill.
8th July 15th Birthday Special

A slightly self-indulgent retrospective regarding the metamorphosis of Legal Aid over the lifespan of JRS Consultants, on the day before our 15th Birthday Party. We are doing this at a much reduced rate for those of a certain age who fancy a bit of a reminisce, or for younger lawyers interested in a bit of Legal Aid folk history.
15th July Appeals Review
Financial Stewardship, CLDVE, CCLF “overpayments”, UPOA and Provider Assurance. The range of LSC recoupmnet sand assessment activity continues to expand and with it follows increased hassle for the already busy practitioner. This session will attempt to summarise all current potential pitfalls and provide some practical advice on coming through which eve process, as unscathed as possible.
22nd July Profitable Standard Fees
It is possible to make money out of Standard Fees – criminal or civil. How to achieve this is best known to CDS providers, who have years of Magistrates Court SF experience under their belts. Increasingly Family and Civil fee earners need to learn these lessons and adapt. This course will take you through the essential attitudinal and practical shifts necessary to make the fee schemes work for you (and you clients).
29th July 5 things I must do after the Summer Holidays
Hopeful the summer will be glorious by now and the grind of LSC compliance will have receded; you usual routines are always toughest to maintain during the Summer holidays. When these come to an end however tightening up on, SQM compliance, reporting accuracy, supervision and strategic planning will be a priority. Let us provide you with 5 essential tips to help get back on track.

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