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I did this hasty post surrounding ProcureCo speculation in South Wales yesterday. The linked article came to me via Twitter and we had a bit of a late night discussion via the same media. (You will also see some commentary on the blog post too).
If nothing else it makes me feel that our Twitter experiment might not be a waste of time.
My overriding feeling is that all this is highly speculative given that we are still months ahead of the next BVT/PCT consultation – let alone planning the best practical response to a firm set of proposals. It also needs to be remembered that both, serious attempts at this previously, the Manchester/Avon pilot having been expensively designed by market leading procurement consultants, failed very badly. Furthermore, in the context of yesterdays Legal Futures article, any scheme will have to crack the CDS in London as a first priority, before considering what is needed (if anything) in areas such as South Wales or my part of the world.
That said we have been speaking to (largely skeptical) Chambers about this, our first discussions with the Bar for a number of years. The idea has clearly caught Counsel’s imaginations. In these conversations I have not trimmed my message to the audience and have expressed my doubts and reservations.
That said I remain open minded. What we will need to see however is first, a workable BVT scheme, and then be convinced that a Bar led initiative is the best option for all concerned.

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