More IAS style horror

Devil’s Spoke 

Have just bought tickets to see Laura Marling at York Minster in October having failed to get AKUS at the Sage on bommie night. She is doing a Cathedral tour, which is a first for me.


Further to this. I have in front of me a set of Duty Solicitor attendance notes which have been subject to assessment by both the LSC AND the NAO. They are about as well recorded, on our standard form*, as any I have ever seen. They have, unsurprisingly, NOT been subject to any cost reduction. […]

Consider it Done 

We are all aware of the current (unacceptable) processing delays at the LSC The answer; speed up, employ more staff, deploy contracting staff away from useless audit activity to means assessment? You’ve guessed it, the answer is no. Rather you can do the job, or more precisely you can now issue emergency certificates for 8 […]

“Working Towards” Series 

I penned some musings about the internal culture at the LSC last week. Since then I have had little other than confirmation of the central thesis; “Your RM is not concerned about their relationship with you but rather is “working towards” an unseen superior”. (Indeed it might well be that case that they are reverting […]

Swan Song 

This article suggests that the LSC clear-up operation, of the (self-created) demise of the IAS is going smoothly. Reports from the ground suggest otherwise. A gliding Swan on water comes to mind.


A number of longstanding and trusted interpretations of contract are currently being “tested” by the LSC on audit i.e. they are trying to see what they can get away with. These have potentially significant impact on CDS billing in particular however appeals are now being decided in private and not in front of 3 member […]

Friday Webinar 

School holidays are upon us and with it that month or more of firefighting for colleagues absences and planning our own vacations. Unsurprisingly therefore thinking about Legal Aid and compliance issues tends to slip down the list of immediate priorities. This autumn however firms will be faced with a series of challenges ranging from Family […]

Already Made up her Mind 

We got as close as having a fistful of tickets and only a couple of days to go before Lyle Lovett cancelled his “Large Band” gig at Newcastle City Hall. Not rescheduled, we just got our money back. Some years later he is back in the UK, this time with his acoustic band – we […]

History Channel 

Have been meaning to try this for ages, just did on a whim. This is the 1937th post on this site. Have a look at what happened in July 1937.