Birthday Present 

I don’t like to mentioned the more serious end of our casework on here for a large variety of reasons. I am however delighted that we have overturned a termination notice today. I say we, the real hero in this is long-standing friend of this site, and all round good guy, Mr R Warren. We […]

A Design For Life 

I don’t really like any of the Happy Birthday songs despite Stevie Wonders sentiment and the quirkiness of Altered Images – bit too twee isn’t it? I set JRS up 15 years ago, solo, in the front, spare bedroom of our then home in Middlesbrough. (We are now a 9 strong team, going up to […]

Back to the Future III 

Sick of Financial Stewardship, had it with Provider Assurance, had CLDVE up to here and about to scream over CCLF recoupments? Don’t worry a new Contract Compliance Audit process starts on Monday. Spookily next weeks webinar is a round up of appeals issues – we will be able to give you a bit of an […]