Consider it Done

We are all aware of the current (unacceptable) processing delays at the LSC
The answer; speed up, employ more staff, deploy contracting staff away from useless audit activity to means assessment? You’ve guessed it, the answer is no.
Rather you can do the job, or more precisely you can now issue emergency certificates for 8 not 4 weeks. And surprise surprise be careful about means assessment it is difficult.
This is clearly an unacceptable level of performance and one much more worthy of a Contract Notice than the nonsensical ones they are issuing on a routine basis.
“Failure to meet previously promised service targets again will result in your possible termination”.
Thanks to Anonmike in the comments and to Nigel Ford. Yes phone advice is now restricted. They must be “urgent” and –
“Please note if your call has not been answered by the end of the session, it will be terminated”.
Second use of the T word in the same post.

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