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The increasing demand for our SQM/Lexcel service and our fieldwork support in general has put us under quite some pressure in recent times. This has lead us to to 2 important developments.
Firstly we are expanding the Fieldwork team and, from next Monday, 15th August, we are please to announce that Steve Barnes will be rejoining JRS. Many of you will remember Steve, who left a couple of years ago, who has now decided to “return home”. He has expanded his experience in this time and also brings some new transferable skills from industry. His first task will be to hold the advice line phone on Monday and Tuesday next week.
This gives us increased capacity and flexibility and expands the JRS team to its largest in all time.
This, and demands on our Costs Drafting arm, have placed pressure on our current accommodation where we are all a bit on top of each other. We have today given notice to our current Landlords and are moving to Cargo Fleet Lane Business Centre, probably in November. This ties in with a plan to expand the CD Service with new staff and trainees anticipated.
So exciting change at JRS.
If you would like to chat about any of the above services please give us a ring though please not between 12th and 17th August.

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