An alternative to the Friday song 

As the day comes to an end the team have come up with the Family Tender top 5. 1) Love me Tender -Elvis Presley 2) The Final Countdown – Europe 3) We are family – Sister Sledge 4) I still haven’t found what I’m looking for – U2 5) Fool if you think it’s over […]

Last Chance… 

JRS headquarters has now a full compliment of fieldworkers so we are well equipped to take your last minute queries with regard to the family tender. Dean has just spotted that the costs of returning to weekly bin collections is about the same as the projected savings to the family legal aid budget. Nice to […]


Spending a second day at JRS headquarters in order to deal with the extra heavy level of phone call queries due to the family tender. Don’t forget the deadline is on Monday at 12 noon. However we would suggest that all applicants treat today as the final deadline. We have drafted in Dean to assist […]

New Applicant Assessment 

We received some good news this week at JRS headquarters, with regard to two firms who are both new criminal contract holders as of July 2010. Both had been subject to an “arms length” assessment via the LSC back in July! This week (two months later) they received a very positive outcome both passing with […]

The ITT Crowd 

I am gingerly removing my head from the E-Portal and preparing to leave these shores for a short period. I am handing over to Andy and the boys and to Helen at head office. Andy, Dean and Steve will answer your technical questions and Helen can check bids and provide navigational assistance when completing the […]

SQM or Lexcel? 

The following is Law Society guidance about the QA options available to Family bidders. These are contained in the PQQ but are not worded for greatest clarity, we hope for some demystification in the final FAQ document this afternoon. If you are denied Lexcel accreditation, you cannot transfer onto the SQM audit option and your […]

This is the Day 

Manics new single. Great song, great cover, great band.


The massed, informed voices of the legal world have so far had no impact upon Government policy regarding Legal Aid. Might the Dowler family have a “Joanna Lumley” type effect?

That’s Entertainment 

Footloose and fancy free in ‘Boro tonight? If so you can catch one of our increasingly rare live performances at the Uni of Teesside SU. Make it for 8pm

At the Bar 

Difficult to disagree with.