Very nice new album from Laura Marling – off to see her in York Minster next month (where will they put the bar?)

Q & A Summary (For non Twitter Followers) 

SQM/Lexcel situation still not entirely clear. I know our posts on this have confused people so will not say much more. IF you are considering the Lexcel option, rather than SQM, please give one of us a ring. External supervision is NOT allowed the supervisor MUST be an Employee. You ARE bidding with the current […]

Q & A 

The first version of the Question and Answers document has been published. You can download it here. Will post and tweet anything important if you want to save yourself the reading time.

Call My Bluff 

True or Bluff? Short posts sorry, I am doing too much Tweeting.

More Situations Vacant 

Become an Independent Cost Assessor in the North East.