Head Down The Portal

Why we had to wait until 4pm yesterday for the E-portal to open is beyond me – I am certainly not the only one who lost a day to this.
Now open it is very like last time with only some minor modifications to the Bravo Solutions software. I will be conducting 2 guided tours around this, lunchtime today and same time Friday. There is nothing too tricky however you might want to join our visiting party at those times and dates.
Some of you have taken the commercial decision that our direct assistance is needed and have booked an appointment. Others have opted to have it checked just to be 100% sure there are no mistakes or hostages to fortune.
With those 3 options we are offering a pretty comprehensive package but don’t be too frightened NOT to do it yourself.
As this is less demanding than last time, and that you all face a drop in LA fees in a months time, we have reduced out charges for direct support and checking by 20%.
Do follow us on Twitter for regular communication about developments.
Jayne can take all bookings on 01642 225553

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