In Transit 

We are literally in (a) Transit today. There might not be much happening here therefore – might do a bit on Twitter.  

Tamer Animals 

Bigger piece on Other Lives below this is the title track of their latest; Just spotted that they are in London on November 21st and Brighton on 22nd. Southern clients, and Eve, take note.


I know I have been banging on about this all week but here is the official “We have Moved” flyer featuring the JRS Morph Man.

Whats for Tea? 

We have covered the “amazing, disappearing, customer support lines” story before, however the comment on the Gazette story is worth a glance.

Webi and New Address (again) 

I have to say, modestly, that tomorrows Webinar – “How to Pass an SQM Audit” is one of my better efforts. I last presented it in March and it is now even more relevant – especially for Family bidders. Still time to join in or to order a recording for next week – if the […]

Other Lives 

Visualise the upstairs function room in a Middelsbrough WM Club which has seen better days. Limited choice at the bar, limited seating, low false ceiling with a tiny stage at one end. Holds a couple of hundred people. This one, the Westgarth (and the website doesn’t quite paint an accurate picture), is trying to invent […]

And Some Fell.. 

In a week in which the Friday Webinar will emphasise the importance of doing File Review I have just been asked – “What will the LSC do if we have stopped?”. To which the answer is unclear; individual auditors vary as does Regional Office practice however a Contract Notice is likely to be the minimum […]

Amend Your Records Accordingly 

We have been at Queensway for a number of years – I think it is about 5 or 6. That said we had a perfect example of the speed with which some firms update their records when a cheque arrived, at our half a decade old, previous address, last weekend. From Monday you should write […]

In The News 

The Judiciary are once again commenting on the proposed LA Cuts – will they be listened to? Don’t bother with a comment I know the answer.

Copied Tweet 

LSC confirms that indictable only offences in youth court will be paid as either way offences. Funding order to be amended in due course. Hat Tip: Crimedaily (off Twitter)