Goin Out 

New Civil Contract Schedules being issued. Check your e-mail.


It is worth mentioning the JRS CDS and CMRF Wizards. These were conceived, genuinely in a dream, as a mechanism for retaining billing data, to enable firms to counter statistical claims being made by the LSC. As we seemingly are moving back in this direction, via “Provider Dashboard”, it might be worth giving these a […]

Genuine Question? 

To our readers at the LSC, please could someone, anonymously obviously, tell us if we have appeal rights against CM Visit decisions? Seems to me an important initial question, what status do these things have in contract?  

Back to the Future XIII 

In preparation for Friday’s webinar I am reviewing some of the early data, and outcomes, from the “new”. Contract Management Visits. Unbelievable stuff. I will not cover the detail now but be prepared to scrape the rust off your knowledge of Excel and to restart ancient practices such as “monitoring-the-monitoring”, (recording allegations of rejection and […]