Avoiding Rejection

You might have noticed the assessment regime at the LSC getting “fussy”. We certainly have. Here is some guidance from them on what to send to avoid bills being “rejected”, one of the indicators in Provider Dashboard (which we are covering in the webi tomorrow).

Our CD team tell me that they have been doing this for ages and that we have started providing evidence of certain disbursements in triplicate to avoid delay.

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  • I have spoken to Newcastle County Court who know nothing about the LSC’s requirement for disbusement vouchers for court fees.I’m told that they cannot routinely provide receipts for each application. They’ve suggested that LSC needs to contact the Court Managers about this!

  • Thanks for that Ruth – you coming to the office opening on the 23?

  • Although the court receipt is the preferred proof of court disbursements. The JRS costing team have also been using either a copy of the letter to the court enclosing the court fee or a copy of the disbursement ledger highlighting the entry for the fee that has been paid.

    I have noticed recently that the LSC are not simply rejecting claims with no proof of court fee, they are actually assessing the bill down and sending out appeal notices, which is a worrying development.

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