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An LSC spokesman said:

‘We made it clear throughout that the process was based on self-certification and so assessment of tenders has been made based on the information supplied to us. Before the tender process opened we highlighted the importance of applicants accurately completing their tenders.’

I am not surprised at the desire for anonymity. The first sentence is simply not the case – only Lot 1 bids are “self certification” – Lot 3 bidders have been told that they will get a verification visit and all supervisor forms are getting checked (we know ‘cos someone just got a request for post-bid clarification*).

More importantly the second sentence seems to say “human error, tough”. Give everything, LASPO, public purse, the administrative cost etc. why did they do this bid round? Why not do it a bit like the Duty Schemes and re-grant to all existing firms (on current NMS?) but allow new bids too, via a single paper form. Easy, cheap and simple.

*Surely this is significantly more important bid information than answers to questions to which they already know the answer? Yet it seems post bid clarification of, wrong answers to questions to which they already know the answer, and which can be fatal, is not allowed.

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