Even More Good News 

Our Internet is back on. We are currently working through a large volume of e-mail so if anything is urgent you might wish to ring rather than wait at the back of a queue. Completely unclear how this has happened and nobody has attempted to take the credit. This makes us think it might be […]

Some More Good News 

MoJ have delayed legal aid scope cuts by six months. CDS BVT scrapped for now. No consultation until late 2013, no contracts before Summer 2015 – too much uncertainty in the marketplace. (Got that prediction right). Hat Tip CLSA, Andrew Keogh, Catherine Baksi and others on Twitter (which is very good for this type of […]

Some Good News 

By way of contrast yesterday’s Lexcel assessment for a client went swimmingly and Dean picked up these nice comments from the firm; “Thank you very much for your kind words and wonderful support not only yesterday but during the whole year.This could not have been achieved without you and JRS. All of our staff have […]

More Bad News 

You will not be surprised to hear that we are still without Internet, and consequently e-mail, at the office. Why up to date technology is sold by service providers with decades old service standards is quite beyond me. This place and Twitter are the only place we can advertise this situation especially to those who […]