Unbelievable Geoff 

A client has self verified 400 claims, and there is no compelling reason why he should, and has found less than a dozen arguable ones. I know I keep on going on about the lack of need for the LSC to micro manage such contracts but for heavens sake. Not to mention the time, and […]

Webinar News 

Preparing for an SQM Audit; Session 2 – File Review A fortnight ago we began our series of webinar sessions designed to help firms, especially recent Family bidders, prepare for upcoming SQM audits. This is the first detailed and specific session covering the vexed subject of File Review. Without doubt this remains the the most […]

Grown Ocean 

Belated Friday Song (was off for the day) is repeat of Fleet Foxes track we featured some time ago. There is a real dearth of their stuff on You Tube. They were magnificent on Thursday night in Leeds, I do however want to see them in a venue like the Sage.