This exhibition opens tonight (apparently they open rather than “kick off”). It is in the Python Heritage Gallery which the owners of our block have established, along with the Bistro, near to us on the Ground Floor. Will have a good look tomorrow. If you are in M’Boro – perhaps held over lunch, at the […]

Life Without Legal Aid 

This is well worth a read in full, by Join Robins at New Law Journal She (Lady Hale) quoted the academic Dr EJ Cohn who published a comparative study of legal aid in the Law Quarterly Review in 1943. Legal aid was a service that a modern state owed to its citizens “as a matter […]

More On Costs 

I have had my head in Civil Cost Assessment Guidance (CAG) and CBAM for the first time in ages this week. I anticipate that civil appeals will become an increasing adjunct to our Cost Drafting arm in the months ahead. They are getting more aggressive, you need all your costs and they are getting more […]