Merry Christmas Everybody 

Since we have done Friday Song on the blog – 2007 – we seem to have rotated Kirsty and the Pogues with Low, alternate years. I started to have a look for something different which does not feature on the Best Xmas Album of All Time” type collection – but, as ever, work things happened. […]


This sort of makeitupaswegoalongery is driving our Costs Drafting team mad. Along with experts hourly rates. LF1 out of time rejections are escalating too.


“This is a resignation issue for me. It is effectively the end of my professional career” So began a conversation with one of today’s failed appellants, just after she had received the initial notice refusing her firm a contract. With a career lifetime behind her in a Family department delivering and dependant upon, a major […]

The Curse of the JRS Xmas Party 

Family Procurement appeal notifications, so far all in the negative, are arriving. They were sent after office hours yesterday and, unless the pattern breaks, seem to demonstrate a blanket policy decision not to allow even the right of an appeal, let alone to consider the merits of individual cases. There will certainly be appellants who […]