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We are beginning to get regular questions about the Family Higher Standard Fees and the Family Advocacy Scheme. None of this is helped by the current version of the Payment Annex which contains fees with the yet to be applied 10% reductions. This is the clearest statement on the issue from a tendering Q&A.

A. Fees

A.1 Please confirm when the fees reduce by 10% – Notice of amendment of 1st Sept on LSC website seems to suggest that is from October?Is the February 10% fees cut on top of the October 3rd 2011 fees cut?

The fee cuts of 10% in family will be introduced with the new contract. Therefore, they will take effect for new cases commenced from 1 February 2012. Cases started before the new contract will be payable under the current rates. However, for cases that move from legal help to legal representation after 1 February, the new rates will apply for the legal representation stage.

The 3 October 2011 fee cuts are being introduced for all other areas of law except family cases. Family cases will continue to be paid at the present rates until the introduction of the new contracts on the 1 February 2012.

Until Feb you should use the old fees.

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