Family providers should also have a look at the 2012 Contract. I am re-writing the KPI slides at the moment and there are some changes you need be aware about. Also there is a difference between the document on the web and the soft back book; the former omits S 2.90 – 2.94 “Family Cases […]

Cut Here 

You will need the rates in the latest Payment Annex 2012 from Wednesday.

Get Appraised of the Situation 

Friday’s webinar, the penultimate in the SQM series, this week will deal with staffing issues and appraisals in particular. We have long felt that badly done appraisals, primarily to meet SQM requirements, can do more harm than good and represent one of the hardest element of the standard. this course aims to reduce that risk. […]

Red Rag 

I have just looked at a “Provider Dashboard” “drill down” into a firm’s statistical performance. This has been sent prior to a visit. Even I am amazed at how far the LSC are prepared to go to micro-manage the scheme. My initial response -“Why is an expensive resource such as Contract Manager being sent to […]

More on Costs 

This is an interesting report for those with, er, an interest in costs and that sort of thing. HAT TIP Rachel Rothwell at the Gazette via Twitter


We are about to pilot a fixed fee service for the drafting of fixed fee Care bills. If you are interested give us a ring. I have said pilot twice to make it sound more professional than “suck it and see” or something similar. Probably should have said “Roll out, on a limited, trial basis […]

Win Some Lose Some 

Another case in favour of the LSC with regard to recovery of payments on account – UPOA in the vernacular. I have not read the case in detail but following on from Henthorn this pretty much gives the LSC the green light to chase costs back to the dawn of time. It is sobering, in […]

Day in the Life 

I have had a morning of trying to tie up loose ends on a number of matters. This has been interspersed with the usual mix of questions which routinely fill up our days at the Middlesbrough office. The bulk of the latter are phone calls many under the “JRS Free Phone Advice” service. We are […]

Just Seen Leaving JRS HQ 


This statement will obviously be of greatest importance to those firms refused a contract in the recent bid round. There are some other issues of more general importance in there, we think, which we will have a ponder about over the next couple of days. Definitely worth wider publicity however is this; “tenders for the […]