Early Warning – Feb Webinars

3rd February SQM 6: Appraisals and Managing People

Appraisals are one of the toughest SQM mandatory requirements and one which can lead to real damage if not performed effectively. This is why we dedicate the lions share of this session to getting them right, using the JRS model Appraisals policy and procedure. We will also cover, briefly the other Managing People requirements.

10th February CSD Costs update Session

By request we are going to run 2 costs update sessions dealing with the current live issues in the world of Civil and Criminal billing. We will do some brief revision of basic rules and then move onto the thorny issues which are plaguing you and us, both on assessment and appeal. Essential for those involved in billing and reporting your Legal Aid Work

17th February CLS Costs update Session

The Civil version of the above

24 February SQM 7: Preparing for the Audit

The final session of the SQM series covering all the practicalities of getting ready for the real event. We will offer a summary of the earlier session and provide a risk based guide to final preparations. We will also bring you our experience from the audits we have been “sitting” over the preceding weeks. This session should provide the final push in the direction of audit success.

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