Proof of Means

Is a major headache for all LA suppliers.The incident described at 3pm here is illustrative of the paranoia LSC assessment has created in this regard. (Not helped by CLA 55 I have to say).

Yesterday I went to O2 to add an additional phone to the JRS contract – we have been with them for a year-and-a-half. Guess what, despite this, they want “proof of means”, in the shape of bank statements and letterhead. Did I have that with me? Course not. Should I have anticipated this? Possibly however it is infuriating and now means I have to make a wasted second trip into town.

This, of course is nothing in comparison to an obviously eligible client, with an urgent legal problem, being denied immediate Legal Help, by an understandably cautious law firm.This seems to be a issue however which is not of concern to the powers that be.

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