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I am currently rewriting our “profitability” courses. As part of the attitudinal stuff, at the front of the session, I do some slides on the economics of LA work. To this end I have had a quick look at the salary bands being offered in the North East right now. It transpires that they are no different to then I wrote the original 5 or more years ago, somewhere between £25 – £35K. At the moment of making this discovery in comes a Tweet offering a “Net Developer” job starting at £37K. Now I have no real idea what this might involve or the level of background training and experience required, but I doubt that it will be close to that needed to become a Duty Solicitor or a LS Specialist Panel member – 9 years from starting out as undergrad in the case of the latter.

Going to compare LA hourly rates with various occupations next.

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