Confetti Moment 

If you do not follow us on Twitter, as most of you don’t, you might have missed the earlier exchanges with our fieldwork team about the current confluence of Lexcel and SQM audits. Surprisingly it is the former which are in greater numbers and there are about 7 currently happening in about the same number […]

Counsel of Perfection 

Regulars will have heard me fulminate against the ridiculous depths to which the LSC will go to “micro manage” the scheme – as I have referred to it using modern Public Sector parlance. Have just spoken to a firm sweating on a possible Contract Notice for a single, billing error which, once again, represents less […]

Fees Fixed? 

You get paid in fixed fees so why shouldn’t your costs drafters? Yes this thought has occurred to us. We are consequently proposing an experiment with Fixed Fee Public Law Claim 1As. Basically we will charge a single pre-agreed fee for every non-exceptional public law, graduated fee claim. If you are interested give us a […]