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We tend to be too involved in the daily grind of compliance matters to venture into commentary on wider policy issues. That said we are a small/medium enterprise, and as such to be targeted by one of the more talked about of the new ABS ventures. (Who chose the name LawVest?).

It seems that we, for instance, would be charged about £4,000 per year for this service. This is beyond what we have paid in (unrecovered) legal fees over our entire 16 year history.

There is much talk of “consolidation of the market” and of existential risk to the High Street firm however we remain sceptical. I have tried to think of firms, of our size, who would find this an economic “insurance” policy, as an alternative to having a chosen, local firm to use when necessary. This is what we will continue to do.

For those High Street firms feeling uneasy however one bit of simple, free advice. Why not offer a free, phone advice line to local small businesses, perhaps through local business agencies. We have done this for years beyond count, and it is the type of “slow burn” marketing which genuinely works.

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