License Only Bid Round

We are proposing to provide essentially the same services as last time for those firms seeking some assistance. With the danger of talking ourselves out of a fee however, there is no real reason why any firm should not be able to undertake this themselves especially as, in most cases, it was the single Peer Review question which proved fatal last time.

That said we are offering 2 levels of service.

Full Completion

We will assist in full completion of the bid, PQQ, ITT, TIF and Supervisor Forms, over a conference call, using the webinar software. We will also double and even treble check these for correct completion subsequently.

Checking Service

If you just want us to check the bid to ensure accurate completion we can offer this lower level of support. we will charge £200 + VAT for this service.

Ring, for a price, to book a phone appointment with Simon for the former, or for an explanation as to how to get us to check the bid in the latter.

Deadline is 12 Noon, Monday 20th February 2012.

Happy and successful bidding.

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