Mersey Speech

Sir Bill Callaghan has been speaking to the Liverpool Law Society

The bullet points of “Key Issues” towards the end of the piece are interesting. If it is savings you are after, especially in unnecessary administration, then how about;

Family Tenders – complete waste of time simply renew the contracts of anyone foolish enough to still want to do LA and buy them a bunch of flowers to boot.

New Matter Starts – a relic from a bygone decade. There is no such thing as “supplier led demand” in the current environment simply let people help anyone who comes through the door – at £86 for a basic family Green Form the Gvt is getting fantastic value for money (with knock on savings in a multiplicity of other areas of public spending).

Criminal Competition – DO NOT waste further time, energy and (very expensive?) consultancy fees* on this intractable issue. Any firm which can survive in London post the loss of the weighting deserves praise not a “LA death match”.

Payment backlogs – get a bloody move on*

*The LSC can treat this advice as falling under under the JRS Free Phone advice service.

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