Holiday Message 

Do enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend whatever you are up to – seeing of a son to live Spain, a wedding, Stockton Calling, or just going up the pub. We are back here on Tuesday.

Kevin & Chris 

I am not prone to what might be called “post Diana mawkishness”, in fact quite the opposite. Today is however the 12th anniversary of the murder, in Turkey, of 2 fellow Leeds United fans, Kevin Speight and Christopher Loftus. Amongst the Twitter tributes I have just seen one by Kevin’s son George; 12 years on […]

City by the Sea 

We don’t often put people on twice in a month but The Lake Poets launch this new single at a deservedly sold out Sage tonight. Click on the link and you can buy it for just 3 English Pounds. I think they might be on in Stockton tomorrow, if I am back from Sheffield in […]

Demob Happy 

Started on what was likely to be a long rant about the appeal we have just completed but just cannot be bothered. It will change nothing, will not affect my mood and will waste time. The redux: This was exactly the type of audit you would put your A team on, instead we got the […]


The end of CLACs & CLANs was obviously on the cards, nonetheless this is grim news. I was never a fan and some of our direct experiences of their conception was not terribly positive but not a nice “EasterEgg” for the staff involved.