I do, occasionally, get criticised for this being something of a “protest” site. By way of a defence I do, always, comment on positive experiences in the day-to-day interaction with the powers that be. The problem is twofold however; I cannot help myself and the volume of negative experience is too significant. We could ignore all of this, and have a static site which just displays our wares, but choose not to. We do keep this under review.

Then we get the situation where something even we find pretty unbelievable is going on and we can say nothing for confidentiality reasons. I have a couple of these at the moment which are the type of thing you really do want to broadcast, if for no other reason than to confirm that you are not interpreting things unreasonably. With both of these I am on the cusp of suggesting that a bit of wider publicity, MP, LS Gazette, might even help achieve a solution. (Both involve pro bono cases too).

On balance I think we will continue to write on things as we find them not least because that is what people seem to like us to do.

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