Yes We do Lexcel II

Rather that write a comment a client has responded directly to our “Yes we do Lexcel” post last week. we don’t normally put client testimonials on things but well this was just so nice not least give the actual age of the “lads”;

“Just  to  re iterate  your   statement  on  JRS do  Lexcel  advice, we  had  the  pleasure  of  two of  your  “lads” company  on  5th  April  to  advise  us  on  how  we  were  getting  on.  It  was  a  most  fruitful  and  constructive  meeting   and  we  wish  we  had  contacted  JRS  earlier  in  our  attempts   to  transfer  from  SQM  to  Lexcel”.

(I have left the authors name out as I have not had time to seek permission to publish)

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