“I didn’t know that you did CQS too” 

HSBC have opened their Conveyancing panel to all those on the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS). If this is a standard you now want, urgently to achieve give us a ring because “We do CQS too” .

FPSS (Family Procurement Support Service) 

If you want us directly to assist you with your bid please ring Jayne and she will book you a slot. (We cannot confirm fees as yet – we need to see the E-portal and come up with a reasonable price – it is NOT likely to be more than last time). This will again […]

SQM Audit News 

As of tea time yesterday we have had 3 successful SQM Audits with clients so far this week – all with remarkably low levels of recorded non-compliance (as I insist on still calling it). This continues our fieldwork teams 100% record. I had my first hands-on experience of audit preparation yesterday under the latest version […]