Wizards and Laminates 

After much consideration we have decided that we are no longer going to continue to produce our Wizards and Laminates. The time constraints of continually supporting these ever-changing products, which have always been free of charge, now outweighs the benefit clients receive from these. Internet access is widely available across all firms and therefore the […]


So far we have “audit sat” 5 SQMDP visits this week – all successful. In fact so have all the SQM Audits we have been involved with this time round. We will probably do a more detailed post-mortem on the issue once the August deadline has passed. What does strike me however is less a […]

When Will It Ever End? 

I have just spent half an hour looking through the agenda and background spreadsheets for a forthcoming Contract Manager visit. Those of you who have done our Webinar on the subject, or saw my session at TLS Legal Aid conference, will be familiar with my Venn diagram on the subject. (If you can’t remember these […]